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/// Check the level of compatibility of the car in our Internet Data Base

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04 Mar / 2014
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Although Digi4Park ® is a product that can be installed in all vehicles, as it is also able to operate with analog signals, even with just the reverse signal, it is important to know which features and functions can give us in each vehicle model existing on the market.

So you can find out very easily the compatibility level of a vehicle with Digi4Park®, or hear more about the installation or end look & feel can be achieved. We have developed a database of over 4,000 different models of vehicles so you can locate that interests you at all times and can see one by one the integration possibilities.

To use this application, simply click on the main menu [COMPATIBILITY] and then on [FIND YOUR CAR] option, the system will show in the area above a series of drop down so you can tell the group compatibility, vehicle manufacturer and model.

Filters Compatibility
You can specify both a support group and a manufacturer to see compatible models. You can also perform a step by step, first indicating the manufacturer (by simply clicking on the logo itself) then on the model of vehicle navigation.

Digi4Park ® App will show detailed information on:

  • The features supported by the vehicle belonging to a support group
  • The specific functions of that vehicle model
  • Compatibility Restrictions
  • Advanced information on the installation in the vehicle if applicable
  • Pictures of installed system
  • Explanatory pictures on some critical point of installation

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