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/// Compatibility


Charger 1
MY 2006-2010
Group 1 - Universal

Specific features for this model car

Speed signalNot available If it is supported means that D4P can read the SPEED signal from the CAN BUS. So D4P will disconnect automatically over 15 km/h and also will start to scan under 10 km/h in alert and silent mode without any operation of driver. Take in mind that also could be connect to analog speed signal in cars without support compatible CAN BUS.

Speed signalNot available If it is supported means that D4P can read the REAR GEAR signal activation from the CAN BUS. So D4P will connect automatically when the rear gear will be engaged, and will be not needed the connection to any analog rear lights signal.

Speed signalNot available If it is supported means that D4P can read the IGNITION signal from the CAN BUS. So D4P will start to read from CAN BUS the important signals when the ignition will be started. It is not necessary to connect analog ignition +12V and will be enough with permanent +12 Battery. D4P will be automatically disconnect some seconds after switch off the ignition.

Speed signalNot available If it is supported means that D4P can use the ORIGINAL SPEAKERS of the cars for give the acoustic advises. So it is not necessary to connect our external speaker. In some cars like BMW, Volvo, Peugeot and Citroen the car send the advises using the OEM speakers. D4P can do that because it sends the information to generate that sounds by CAN BUS from the Radio.

Speed signalNot available If this function is supported means that D4P can codding directly the car in order to support Parking system as original ones. So this is really important in cars of Compatibility Group 3 to see the graphic information in the original screens of the cars. If is N/A (not Available) them it is not necessary because it is not supported by car, and if is not supported it will be necessary to code by external diagnosis tools.

Speed signalNot available In some cars if the tow and the trailer is engaged to the tow this information is presented in the CAN BUS. So D4P can read from CAN BUS and it is not necessary to tell by the D4P Parking button to the parking system that the TOW is engaged. In other way will be possible making the setting up it by the parking button.

Specific features for Group 1 - Universal

Digi4Park® incorporates the most advanced LOGIC of operation in order to activate the system by automatically if we detect an obstacle under 10 km/h with the system disconnected in forwards.

Speakers, Sensors, Display and original screens are managed directly by our unit leaving to the driver keeps the attempting into the driving.

Digi4Park® in UNIVERSAL ANALOG Mode can be connected to analog signals of the car like Ignition or Speed. If the Speed signal is connected it is also possible to use the Intelligent and Automatic operation mode of the Kit. If you do not have the speed signal or you can not supply it to our Unit Control, Digi4Park will be automatically disabled after removing the reverse for rear and after 10 seconds for front. It can be activated manually by the button. ALL VEHICLES ARE SUPPORTED IN THIS WAY

From factory, Digi4Park® includes 4 sensors for rear installations or front installations, but admits a second group of four sensors to complete front+rear installations with the same Unit Control. Also it is possible to use Digi4Park in the front area in cars with Original Rear Sensors.

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