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/// New D4P Internet Web Site stars to operate

03 Mar / 2014
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As of March 10 , starts new website Digi4Park ® , a new fully dynamic, multi – language platform will initially be in English (the official language of the project ) and will be progressively updated to languages ​​: Spanish (March 2014) , German (April 2014) , French , Italian, Portuguese , Greek, Dutch and Polish (Across 2nd 2014 quarter)

Within this new website you can find technical information, business information, a fully detailed explanation of how it works and the technology that has been used for the design and manufacture of Digi4park®, videos, graphs to explain the mode of operation of an automated animations and even hear how they sound front or rear speaker.

One of the most interesting features is the Digi4Park® database compliant vehicles with more than 4,000 references. Where you can find detailed information on each of the supported models, the installation procedure, etc.

There is also a section of technical and commercial support from tickets to support any customer anywhere in the world.

Another advantage of this system is the ability to centralize in a single point in the entire internet worldwide information system. If you are a business, you can download from a POWERPOINT ® presentation to assist in a sale at their meetings, to advertising and made ​​by us. All information is available in PDF or common picture formats like (PNG or JPG)

As you can see all the details Digi4Park ® is published for free use , but remember that it is a protected trademark, it can not be modified or the logo or image and any use must be authorized by the trademark owner. You can contact us for a release.

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