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/// Do I need to make some coding in the vehicle to D4P works?

13 Mar / 2014
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IT IS NOT NECESSARY. The only situation in which the vehicle should know that D4P is installed, is in cases where required to interact with other vehicle systems, such as when installed in a vehicle that represents graphical information. In such cases D4P level functions primarily encoding unit Radio. Thus avoiding errors in diagnosis, being totally transparent to it.

A common situation is the installation in VW, SEAT and SKODA, where 2 full bus D4P CAN be used. For this type of connection, we recommend using the Plug & Play Cable appropriate for each vehicle in order to avoid mistakes in the connections.

There are also situations, such as BMW body E with CCC or CIC systems where D4P must code the radio control unit to display the sensors represented graphically on the screen. A combination of buttons and button car parking D4P D4P to perform the coding function Parking is used in such cases. The intervention of any external encoder is required. Remember to check the instructions for your vehicle in database we have published on the web.

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