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/// How should I paint D4P sensors to not have any problems?

13 Mar / 2014
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This is a really important question. There are two points to keep in mind when painting the sensors:

  • Do not stain or damage the surface with the thread
  • Before painting sensors must remove paint or part thereof bearing factory.

To paint the sensors conveniently has two options. Use masking tape to protect the system thread or use the template incorporating D4P boxes. Within the instructions you find a painted sheet which reports the process to follow to use the box, painted template and useful punch to make holes in the box D4P. No problem if the rubber that is inserted into the sensor side but should paint the sensor without the rubber finish, and standing upon completion of installation.

Furthermore remember D4P sensors are aluminum and are painted factory black. Normally the black color is the most used in vehicles since many of them incorporate defenses or black bumpers for the area of the sensors while the car of another color. If the sensors be painted another color should lightly sand the sensors before painting again (you will see the aluminum surface behind the black paint), otherwise the new paint will not properly set and also subtracted detection power sensor.

To download the Manual for Painting, clic here.

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