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/// I am a professional (Dealer, Trading Workshop or Installer) and I would like to market D4P What should I do?

13 Mar / 2014
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If you are a professional and we do not market through a D4P official importer in your country, you can directly ask the product to us. We will send the material directly to the appropriate discount to their professional profile.

Companies that have developed D4P have extensive experience in export, so we’ll give you all the work and documentation for it to operate normally.

Normally in national territories no limits on commercial activities and trade policy are made. We have a RRP for the euro area as a guideline and guidance functions for each level of trade discounts (IMPORTER or INSTALLER) .

You will need to register on our system as a user and send TIKETS sales inquiries. Our team of international support, we will contact a commercial agent product and projects that will provide the best solution, fully customized for your company.

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