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/// I don’t see that the site is D4P in my language and it is very important to me as an importer or professional brand, which is available to support, is it possible to translate it into another language?

13 Mar / 2014
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Of course YES. Although the conventional view is www.digi4park.com website, all the information you can find in it is available in multi-language support. We have a number of agents in various countries that are importers usually perform the task of translation for the web, as there is only ONE ONLY OFFICIAL SITE for all languages​​, which is “digi4park.com”.

If the web is not in your language, possibly because we have not yet an official importer in your area, or because we are translating the content.

Conversely, you may content itself is in its language, but there is an importer in your area, for example, the page is in Spanish, but there is an importer for Argentina.

Contact us, so that we can provide support or service for translations.

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