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/// I had an accident and broke a sensor, what should I do?

13 Mar / 2014
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If one of the sensors is damaged your system you should report any of these ways:

  • The LED of D4 button blinks (Check the following point because it indicates error in system component or back off)
  • If you have a LED display plug into the affected part and check to activate the system mark the error [Ex], where “x” is the number of faulty sensors, and red LED is the position of fault sensor.
  • If you have the original screen support Compatibility Group III, apparent in the first two seconds after starting the radio that no sensor is marked in full contact. If any one is, is broken.
  • Review the red or green LED in the D4P unit control. If any flashes indicates a sensor error of equal numbers to the number of flashes.

Refer to the installation and contact your installer or dealer.

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