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/// I had mounted D4P in the rear and Display LED to inform in the front. Now I want to mount a FRONT extension and a second display back. How do I connect the displays?

17 Mar / 2014
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D4P is a system that requires only a single unit to control two displays, since the unit features both connections, front and rear. The D4P displays are equal, both front and rear, making them behave differently is precisely how you are configured and where they connect. In this case the display is connected to REAR connection unit is located in front. As we will now use this display to provide information to the front, so we have to do is unplug the unit and plug it into the FRONT connection. Now we can connect the new display in the REAR connection and place it in the place that we have established for him, which will be the top of the roof in the back (inverted) or in the same front if the vehicle does not incorporate rearview mirror (commercial vehicles)

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