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/// I have FRONT and REAR sensors and want to install D4P LED Display, Where can mount or is recommended?

13 Mar / 2014
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When you are installing front and rear sensors and want to use two displays, it makes sense in a vehicle is put on a display in the front and one in the rear. To mount a display in the rear, it is mandatory that the vehicle incorporates a rearview mirror, as we use to see it reflected in the display.

Installation is this case is very simple. You must connect the display to the front area in connection FRONT display and rear display area to the REAR connection. These links are provided as well, where the sensors are located in any side.

The next step is to configure the LED display on rear mirror mode so you can see reversed.

If you are mounting the display in a commercial vehicle does not include rearview mirror, the solution will mount both displays in the front area. In that case the default will be used in NATURAL.

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