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/// I’d like to hear higher volume of obstacle proximity warning [BEEP] of D4P, what can I do?

13 Mar / 2014
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The D4P control unit includes 2 potentiometers to adjust the volume of each speaker. It is highly recommended that you place the speakers in their final positions and if it is also possible, they are positioned at the front and rear of the vehicle so that the driver can identify the source of the sound with the impact zone.

However, given that the sound and pitch of each of the areas of D4P sensors is different, it is also possible to place two speakers at the same point.[ CLIC HERE TO EXTEND INFORMATION]

In case you are installing D4P in a vehicle that supports the use of the original speakers, as D4P will not need to use our speakers, since the sound sensor output from the speakers of the vehicle, such as BMW and Peugeot among other. In such cases, remember that volume management can not be performed from the D4P potentiometers, but you have to use the original control system of the vehicle to the volume of the warning system sensors. For example BMW adjustment is made by moving the volume when the sensor system is active and the sensors are detecting. To adjust the volume the volume of original radio system will be used.

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