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/// My vehicle was not compatible with a function and yes it is now, What can I do to update D4P?

13 Mar / 2014
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All Digi4Park® control units include a mini USB port for upgrades. To upgrade you must have disconnected THE POWER of the car of the unit D4P and connected to a computer via cable upgrade. The unit will be powered via the mini USB power cable.

Then you must have the following items to upgrade:

  • 1 x mini USB Cable
  • 1 x computer with a USB port
  • Digi4Park ® program update (Software & Updates)
  • The file with the new data (Software & Updates)
  • The manual update (Software & Updates)

You just have to follow the upgrade instructions. Once the upgrade is complete you will see that all lights flash unit. In addition the program will inform you whether or not over the update process. [CLIC HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION]

If you want to check any function or group of compatibility of your car, please clic here.

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