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/// STANDARD or PLUS kit is already installed, do I need to mount a FRONT extension?

13 Mar / 2014
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In the event your vehicle incorporates an STANDARD or PLUS kit already installed and want to add 4 additional sensors in the front , you need to ask your provider for a EXTENDED kit. The EXTENDED kit includes 4 digital sensors with their respective brakets, interconnecting wiring of sensors, wiring and interconnection to a loudspeaker unit.

Simply that you are ready to expand your system, remember that parking D4P switchboards and come standard with free 8 sensors (4 front and 4 rear). In addition if your vehicle represents information graphically in the original system screens or navigation radio will not need any additional interface. D4P added that information automatically.

Optionally remember you can request a new display for the new sensor area, and displays that can be moved D4P location without any problem, or simply change the connection used in the exchange and invert their use

To read any extra information please check this:

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