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/// The LED on the button flashes constantly when D4P Parking is on, what can be?

13 Mar / 2014
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When the D4P button LED light is blinking, the system is warning that there is an alert condition that may be related to the following reasons:

  • Fault on sensor : This would happen without no communication with any of the sensors. Check if you have only one D4P system installed REAR and DIP 1 is ON (It should be OFF ). It also has two options to check which sensor is bad, look at the RED and GREEN LED’s D4P control unit, if they are blinking, indicate that a sensor in your one área is fault (RED – FRONT / GREEN – REAR). The number of flashes indicates the number of faulty sensor (1 to 4). You can also connect a display to the área of the failed sensor, to know how many sensors are faulty and which points are located. Refer to the installation manual.
  • Disabled Zone: If all or rear center sensors do not detect could be that they are deactivated. In that case the D4P Button LED blinks, to indicate the state and the user note.

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