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/// The vehicle has original assistance systems such as Distronic driving, PROXIMITY RADAR, etc. from Factory. Can affect D4P?

13 Mar / 2014
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NORMALLY NOT. In Digi4Park® we have tested radar detection systems such as Stinger or with assistance systems such as Distronic driving system by Mercedes Benz and have had no interference problems. Note that the wiring has a mesh D4P protection against electromagnetic interference and also the information sent by the wiring is digital, so that information is only taken into account if it arrives without errors. If there were any errors in the data, the information is eliminated.

Notwithstanding own electronic sensor itself may be subjected to interference. This Digi4Park® protection is working on both magnetic and electronic level to be included in the production phase of the product (MAY 2014) . Currently in preproduction product, external EMI protection systems are used, such as aluminum tape for the sensor.

What you must consider is the metal bumper or special paints, are not capable of generating interference D4P, as with other sensors analogue sensors

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