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/// When I stop at a pedestrian crossing or in a vehicle near a retention system is automatically activated. What can I do, how this system works?

13 Mar / 2014
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If the system is automatically activated when it is moving, it is because it has detected an obstacle closer than one meter to the front bumper. This system is referred to D4P “System Auto Detect ” and no other devices on the market that incorporate it. Has more information on its operation on the [PRODUCT / INTELLIGENT OPERATION ] .

This system will help in the following scenarios:

  • When a maneuver performed by a garage and approaching such a wall with the system off ( the LED light of button is in OFF). The system is activated when approaching a wall moving below 1 mt. This function is very useful, because in long runs, the system is switched on and off as needed, further comprising the original Displays and screens.
  • When such is in a hold and can get closer than 1 m in front the car you have in your face. This is especially useful, since if you are clueless will alert to avoid a blow ahead.
  • When you have been in the middle of a pedestrian crossing and turn reverse (thus activating the LED lighting system and parking ). In this case note that although the system is active, as in the previous case. THE SOUND OF THE SPEAKERS WILL BE MUTED, if the car is stopped for more than 2 seconds.

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