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/// D4P starts in the market with PRESERIES for PLUS and EXTENDED

01 Mar / 2014
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As of March 1 Digi4Park® makes available for IMPORTERS, DISTRIBUTORS AND PROFESSIONAL, a series of kits product, fully operational within the framework of what we call pre-series.

The pre-series product, is a product of the first round of manufacturing Digi4park®, our goal is to enter the market with a follow up, to see its evolution and to improve some of its features and see how the product performs. This is difficult to do in such a very good product, but have chosen to do so.

Our idea is to try to retrieve information from installers and professionals to include new software upgrades in the future or make small changes where you can.

The fact that the product is a pre-series does not imply that the product is not functional, just the opposite. We have tested for over 8 months, and the project has been implemented over the last 24 months, so we have taken the product will be similar to the final version.

Product prices between pre-series & production may vary according to the changes made on the platform.

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