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/// Comercial and operative questions for end user

Were you will find fast information based on question/answer about basic information of Digi4Park® in relation with installation, simple upgrade, goods necessary, functions, where do you be able to use Digi4Park® and how to find more and special information.

1. Comercial and operative questions for end user

I had mounted D4P in the rear and Display LED to inform in the front. Now I want to mount a FRONT extension and a second display back. How do I connect the displays?

D4P is a system that requires only a single unit to control two displays, since the unit features both connections, front and rear. The D4P displays are equal, both front and rear, making them behave differently is precisely how you are configured and where they connect. In this case the display is connected to REAR connection unit is located in front. As we will now use this display to provide information to the front, so we have to do is unplug the unit and plug it into the FRONT connection. Now we can connect the new display in the REAR connection and place it in the place that we have established for him, which will be the top of the roof in the back (inverted) or in the same front if the vehicle does not incorporate rearview mirror (commercial vehicles)

Is is posible to install D4P only in the FRONT AREA of the vehícle?

YES, it is entirely possible, does or not have a rear sensor kit from any other manufacturer, including the original. In case you want to mount D4P ONLY ON FRONT, will need to use or EXTENDED PLUS kit and connect the sensors in D4P FRONT connection.

In that case you should check the correct position of D4P switches. This combination is a special combination, which will place the SWITCH 4 in the ON position. All other switches should occupy their usual positions as indicated by the installation manuals and D4P (1 = ON for Forward kit).

If switch 4 is not turned ON, the button flashes parking (error component), and will consider that there is a mistake in not detecting sensors on the rear D4P switchboard.

If you want to extend this information, please clic here.

How many ECU or D4P kits is needed to install 4 FRONT + 4 REAR sensors?

This is one of the big advantages to using D4P. ONLY NEED ONE CONTROL UNIT. Remember D4P control unit, which is included in the PLUS and STANDARD kits defaults to 8 channels (4 for front and 4 for rear). So for example you can install REAR kit and in the future expand its facility, riding in the front a EXTENDED kit, which includes only the sensors and wiring and adapters for mounting.

Also the same CONTROL UNIT features 2 inputs D4P Speakers (Front and Rear) and two inputs for Display. You should consider other solutions based in analog sensors, might require up to 4 different CONTROL UNITS to connect a system of sensors front and rear, as they use a 4 sensor unit for each side of the vehicle and an special CONTROL UNIT to stablish communication with the vehicle, also on each side of the vehicle.

If you want to extend the information about this topic, please clic here.

Is there any additional interface or CAN BUS D4P need to install?


D4P included in a single unit all the connections necessary to connect to vehicle CAN BUS. Also D4P is the only system that incorporates two CAN buses, one for input and one output. Thus D4P is able not only to read information from the vehicle to operate with it, but in some cases, making transparent encodings or add to the existing information. A typical case of this type of connection is VW, SEAT and SKODA, where 2 full bus D4P CAN be used. For this type of connection, we recommend using the Plug & Play Cable appropriate for each vehicle in order to avoid mistakes in the connections.

If you need any extra information about this, please clic here.

Do I need to make some coding in the vehicle to D4P works?

IT IS NOT NECESSARY. The only situation in which the vehicle should know that D4P is installed, is in cases where required to interact with other vehicle systems, such as when installed in a vehicle that represents graphical information. In such cases D4P level functions primarily encoding unit Radio. Thus avoiding errors in diagnosis, being totally transparent to it.

A common situation is the installation in VW, SEAT and SKODA, where 2 full bus D4P CAN be used. For this type of connection, we recommend using the Plug & Play Cable appropriate for each vehicle in order to avoid mistakes in the connections.

There are also situations, such as BMW body E with CCC or CIC systems where D4P must code the radio control unit to display the sensors represented graphically on the screen. A combination of buttons and button car parking D4P D4P to perform the coding function Parking is used in such cases. The intervention of any external encoder is required. Remember to check the instructions for your vehicle in database we have published on the web.

I have to paint the sensors to color of bumper, what to do, is it posible you?

YES YOU CAN PAINT THE SENSORS, but remember D4P sensors are already factory painted matte black and also incorporate a layer of varnish, so if you are not going to stop black color and be painted it should be sanded the sensor surface prior to painting again. Sensor layer is ALUMINUM because D4P use Digital Sensors and not analog ones.

This is a very typical mistake installers not lose 5 minutes sanding sensors whether to paint, the new paint will cause no grip with the same consistency and also progressively lost the sensor reception quality. REMEMBER SANDED IF PAINTED.

To find any extra information about sensors please check this:


STANDARD or PLUS kit is already installed, do I need to mount a FRONT extension?

In the event your vehicle incorporates an STANDARD or PLUS kit already installed and want to add 4 additional sensors in the front , you need to ask your provider for a EXTENDED kit. The EXTENDED kit includes 4 digital sensors with their respective brakets, interconnecting wiring of sensors, wiring and interconnection to a loudspeaker unit.

Simply that you are ready to expand your system, remember that parking D4P switchboards and come standard with free 8 sensors (4 front and 4 rear). In addition if your vehicle represents information graphically in the original system screens or navigation radio will not need any additional interface. D4P added that information automatically.

Optionally remember you can request a new display for the new sensor area, and displays that can be moved D4P location without any problem, or simply change the connection used in the exchange and invert their use

To read any extra information please check this:

How far detected as minimum and maximum sensor D4P?

This is a very common users question, but is not as easy to answer as D4P changes sensing distance depending on the vehicle in which it is installed, following the patterns of distance and detection of the original systems manufacturer vehicle.
In general we can distinguish between two casuistry:

  • D4P support is installed on a vehicle from Group I or II:
    • In this case the distance marks the Digi4Park® standard, which is 1.6 to 1.8 for the front and back.
  • D4P support is installed on a vehicle of the Group III:
    • In this case the distances the brand’s own brand of vehicle. For instance in BMW and MINI is 2 meters in front and behind and VW, SEAT and SKODA are 1.6 m forward and 1.8 back.

Note that the distance that is automatically activated when a front obstacle sensors below 10 km/h with a forward motion is detected, it is about 1 m.

Sometimes I install a bike rack or a tow truck in my car. What about Digi4Park?

Normally when a towbar is fitted , it rarely affects the system parking sensors if the sensors are mounted factory because the vehicle manufacturer has taken into account the distance and angle detection sensors and the position of thereof and two size , but this is not always so.

Digi4Park® is a universal sensor kit, so we should be prepared to provide a solution for any environment or situation or most that we can present. Them, as we do not know the size of the tow or the point to be placed in the rear center sensors , WE HAVE A SYSTEM DESIGNED TO RIDE THAT CAN TOW PROBLEM.

This first thing to do is place the tow. If central rear sensors detect it, you can easily disable the central sensors from parking button Digi4Park® (check your manual where it tells you ). Also if the rear center sensors are turned off, the LED on the button will be informed of the parking situation.

If instead you just want to ride a truck or bike rack, you need to do is disable all rear sensors, since otherwise the system will inform you that there is a permanent obstacle (check your owner’s manual, informing you of this). Also if all rear sensors are turned off, the LED on the button will be informed of the parking situation.

How do you know if D4P compatible with my vehicle?

As you know Digi4Park ® has three levels of support:


For each one of these levels of compatibility there is a list of features that will offer the kit. You can get a list of all supported vehicles with each of these groups by clicking on the link that we have placed in each of the groups.

Although basically Digi4Park® can be installed in any car, if you just want to know exactly the functions and the compatibility level of a particular one, and any special information related to an accurate model, you can use the search engine that we have scheduled more 4,000 vehicles on our website. Click on the top menu: COMPATIBILITY / FIND YOUR CAR.

Is is posible to see in the original screen of my Radio o Navigation system the Graphic D4P information?

YES OF COURSE, but not on all vehicles, only vehicles that are COMPATIBLE WITH GROUP III. Permanently our engineering team is working on new compatibilities, both group II and group III. It is very important to check in our system, the compatibility level of your vehicle:  [COMPATIBILITY / FIND YOUR CAR]

My vehicle was not compatible with a function and yes it is now, What can I do to update D4P?

All Digi4Park® control units include a mini USB port for upgrades. To upgrade you must have disconnected THE POWER of the car of the unit D4P and connected to a computer via cable upgrade. The unit will be powered via the mini USB power cable.

Then you must have the following items to upgrade:

  • 1 x mini USB Cable
  • 1 x computer with a USB port
  • Digi4Park ® program update (Software & Updates)
  • The file with the new data (Software & Updates)
  • The manual update (Software & Updates)

You just have to follow the upgrade instructions. Once the upgrade is complete you will see that all lights flash unit. In addition the program will inform you whether or not over the update process. [CLIC HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION]

If you want to check any function or group of compatibility of your car, please clic here.

I’d like to hear higher volume of obstacle proximity warning [BEEP] of D4P, what can I do?

The D4P control unit includes 2 potentiometers to adjust the volume of each speaker. It is highly recommended that you place the speakers in their final positions and if it is also possible, they are positioned at the front and rear of the vehicle so that the driver can identify the source of the sound with the impact zone.

However, given that the sound and pitch of each of the areas of D4P sensors is different, it is also possible to place two speakers at the same point.[ CLIC HERE TO EXTEND INFORMATION]

In case you are installing D4P in a vehicle that supports the use of the original speakers, as D4P will not need to use our speakers, since the sound sensor output from the speakers of the vehicle, such as BMW and Peugeot among other. In such cases, remember that volume management can not be performed from the D4P potentiometers, but you have to use the original control system of the vehicle to the volume of the warning system sensors. For example BMW adjustment is made by moving the volume when the sensor system is active and the sensors are detecting. To adjust the volume the volume of original radio system will be used.

Are different frequencies and tones of acoustic Digi4Park Beep warnings?

Of course YES. The tone sound which warns of an obstacle in front is completely different tone of an obstacle in the rear. The sound is sharper front and rear is more serious.

You can hear the sound from both speakers through the links we have on the website section Digi4Park speakers. Click here to view this page.

I have only rear sensors D4P, Is it recommended to install the LED Display and where can I put it?

The LED display is a good tool for full system information on vehicles COMPATIBILITY GROUP I and II. Remember that these groups can not show the information on the screens of the vehicle, or because they can not stand still D4P does not support it or because the vehicle itself.

If you only install D4P in the rear of the vehicle we recommend that you mount the display in the front. So you will see the information without removing the front view. Remember that you can also place the display at the top end of the roof and view the display in the mirror. Such a configuration is recommended when you are installing front and rear sensors so that the front display would provide information of the front and rear sensors rear display

I have FRONT and REAR sensors and want to install D4P LED Display, Where can mount or is recommended?

When you are installing front and rear sensors and want to use two displays, it makes sense in a vehicle is put on a display in the front and one in the rear. To mount a display in the rear, it is mandatory that the vehicle incorporates a rearview mirror, as we use to see it reflected in the display.

Installation is this case is very simple. You must connect the display to the front area in connection FRONT display and rear display area to the REAR connection. These links are provided as well, where the sensors are located in any side.

The next step is to configure the LED display on rear mirror mode so you can see reversed.

If you are mounting the display in a commercial vehicle does not include rearview mirror, the solution will mount both displays in the front area. In that case the default will be used in NATURAL.

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