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/// Installation manuals


Digi4Park® Installation Manual

This include all the detailed instructions for the installer to mount in a vehicle Digi4Park. Included are assembly diagrams, configuration switches, color coded cables and setup of Displays. Also described is the code used for error through the flicker of the LEDs on the Digi4Park® unit. LANGUAGES: ES/EN/DE/FR/PT/IT.

Note: For extended details of installation, setup and compatible functions of any car, please CHECK HERE


Digi4Park® User Manual

This document includes instructions user-oriented operating a motor vehicle in which Digi4park® installed. It describes in detail the automatic operation (with the system off) and working with the Digi4Park® power on. Interpretation of Display, programming through the button configuration for parking and tow. LANGUAGES: ES/EN/DE/FR/PT/IT.


Digi4Park® Painting Manual

Graphic Manual that visually describes how to use the cartoon box supplied with Digi4Park and D4PTL14M tool to create a box to pain the sensors. Thus threaded systems of paint sensorse protected, normally to screwing. LANGUAGES: ES/EN/DE/FR/PT/IT.


Digi4Park® Manual for Correct Sensor Installation

Graphic Manual that visually describes how to screw in the sensor into the braket before to place the exterior rubber. LANGUAGES: ES/EN/DE/FR/PT/IT.

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