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/// Warranty


One of the great advantages of working with Digi4Park ® is that the product is manufactured in Europe under the strictest control measures, in order to warrantee to our customers the that product arrives with the quality required in a technic product like this one. Our production Centre in Germany has got the ISO 9001:2008, for design, manufacture and distribute electronic automotive components.

That is the reason because we can offer to the customers 2 YEARS of Workdwide Warranty that can be managed by our International Importers in anywhere.

To control the lifecycle of all our products, all Unit Controls incorporates a unique serial number, same one like the warranty card that is included with the documentation.

Digi4Park® Made in Europe

To develop a product of this type large investments and multidisciplinary design teams, marketing, programming and electronics are required. Digi4Park ® brings together two major European companies about a product that has always started from a premise: Proprietary Technology and Quality in both design and manufacturing.

The European manufacturing (Germany / Spain) offers the best guarantee from the point of view of reliability, durability and functionality of the product manufactured using the latest technologies in design and direct contact with vehicles featuring our markets

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