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/// Can-Bus & Universal

Digi4Park® offer to you the possibility to connect as UNIVERSAL in any car of the market, or connect by the CAN BUS of the car. So that means that we include all the possibilities of connection in order to offer to you ONLY ONE PRODUCT for all your necessities. That minimize your stock and time to respond.

You can install by different ways


Can Bus Mode

Digi4Park® in CAN BUS Mode

  • In CAN BUS Mode of Operation, Digi4Park® is connected directly to the CAN BUS and POWER of the car. All the signals that the interface needs are getting of the CAN and POWER of the car.
    • We get Speed Signal, Rear Gear, Ignition, etc.
  • The activation and deactivation of the sensor function is made automatically during the parking maneuver and the system is disconnected over 15 km/h.
  • Digi4Park® reads and recognize the branch and model of car in order to work integrated with it like original Parking System.
  • Even, if you need any analog signal for other third device Digi4Park® gives to you some signals like MUTE.
  • If the car install Radio with screen that is able to show the PDC graphic information, Digi4Park® in some models can codding and represent the PDC graphic information in an automatic way.

Analog Mode

Digi4Park® in ANALOG Mode

  • In UNIVERAL Mode of Operation, Digi4Park® is connected to several analog lines of the car, like PULSE, IGNITION, REAR GEAR, ETC. This way is used if the car doesn’t support CAN BUS and the operative of working is same one like with CAN BUS.
  • The great advantage is that can be used by this way in all the cars of the market, old and new ones full integrated
  • Even Digi4Park® includes a SERIAL PORT in order to be connected to some aftermarket graphic Radios and Navigations Systems to show graphic information in the Screen.
  • All the extra functions of Digi4Park® can be used in UNIVERSAL way as well as CAN BUS, so the only difference is the way to communicate with the car.
  • If you don’t connect SPEED we can be able to control the power of the FRONT sebsir area of the car.
  • MUTE +12V Output is also Available

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