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Professional LED Display Digi4Park®

We have designed a high performance display with a professional finish in polished sheen that can be installed in all vehicles without changing the look and feel of the car. The display is optionally available as an accessory for Digi4Park® and can be mounted on the dashboard in front of and behind the roof, admitting and inverted mirror function or natural. Incorporates a 5 m cable. and has a size of 12 cm. Remember that each Digi4Park Unit Control supports up to 2 DISPLAY LED at same time


The LED Display can be used for these operations:



The display shows the distance to objects in both number [1.6] = 1.6 meters, and visually telling whether the obstacle is on either side of the vehicle.

Also have 2 colored to visually report the approximate distance to the obstacle and a small button for the Setting up.




The installation manual is a complete diagram for the user and the installer in order to use the Display to detect faults and knowing what sensor has a problem. The report display for 2 seconds after turning the system on how many faulty sensors, and what positions are.

Remember that supports Metric, Imperial and Mirror Mode system. And that includes the fixings for the roof

The reference for LED display is: D4PDISPL

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