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The past, That is History…

Most of aftermarket parking systems use two interfaces or unit controls to control and manage each sensor area of the vehicle. Even if you want to connect the parking system to the vehicle to show by example visual information or to get information by CAN BUS you have to get another interface, one for each side of the car.

That is crazy, don’t you think that?

Two sides in a car, front and rear will mean until 4 interfaces… Now think about installation time or troubleshooting, what is the interface that is wrong, or even more, what about the cost of the solution?

Digi4Park, the future!

To solve that, take in mind that we only use ONE UNIT CONTROL for both sides of the car, so Digi4Park incorporates from factory 8 SENSOR CHANNEL INPUTS, 4 for FRONT + 4 for REAR. Them, you can install rear and in the future simply add FRONT getting EXTENDED KIT, that includes only the sensors + wiring to add a new sensor area.

You can use an STANDARD or PLUS KIT, for the FRONT AREA, for the REAR AREA or for BOTH SIDES at same time.

Even more, one Digi4Park unit control incorporates inputs for 2 SPEAKERS, 2 DISPLAYS and one input for Parking button. Apart USB connector for updating.

Our USB Update Port will leave to you tpo update the interface with new software with new features or updated database cars. And remenber that you have one side installed, you can extend the installation to the other area of the car ussing same interface box.

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