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/// Intelligent Operation

Digi4Park ® system incorporates the most advanced logic of market functioning. It is even able to auto activate if it detects an obstacle closer than 1meter in the front area of the vehicle. Of course we use Diaphragm Speakers and NOT piezo- electric, offering a clear and distinct sound for each side of the vehicle
Event better than OEM systems installed from factory


Digi4Park starts to search obstacles automatically in Front area when car is towards under 15 Km/h

Digi4Park will be deactivated when car is over 15km/h

Front Sensor System is re-activated in pre-alert when car decrease under 10 km/h looking obstacles closer than 1 mt

When we decided to develop Digi4Park ® we started from cero. The beginning of work was analyzing how parking systems worked incorporated in vehicles by factory and how we could improve them. That spirit of improvement has allowed us to develop a logic operation that is not only above any aftermarket kit, but even above the Factory parking systems and advanced sensors market. So Digi4Park ® is the only system that incorporates aftermarket auto automatic activation when the vehicle below 10 Km/h detects the nearest obstacle at 1 meter. Furthermore our detection range varies depending on the make of vehicle from 2 meters to 5 centimeters, which can only be achieved using digital sensors.

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