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Digi4Park® use Digital Sensors similar to the original ones that the car install from factory. This offer to you more liability, quality and benefits. Our sensors use 3 Lines (1 for BUS and 3 for Power) (Analogs use 2)

Cost of a digital sensor is almost 5 times that of an analog one, but its durability, reliability and quality make all vehicle manufacturers opt for a digital sensor to produce a vehicle instead of an analog one. The reasons are numerous, a digital sensor calculates the distance to the object directly processes it and sends a binary message to the controller that validates the integrity of the information and gives the driver the exact information. In an analog sensor information ultrasonic cell has to be processed on a computer that is 3 or 4 meters from the sensor and to send the information you have to use high potentials, around 100V, that means interference and disturbance by magnetic fields on other computers, GPS, proximity radar, lane change assistant, etc.. Another advantage is that the Digi4Park ® uses a bus between the sensor set and the front and rear wires, which means fewer wires and mobility sensors, since all can be used in all positions of the vehicle. In an analog sensor each sensor must be placed in a certain position and takes a special cable with 3 or 4 signals to be passed to the control unit.

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Digi4Park® in CAN BUS Mode get all necessary signals to operate from the digital BUS of the vehicle, but it also can be used to operate in UNIVERSAL Mode in cars without Digital CAN BUS. With or without SPEED Signal.

Digi4Park® unit control has two operating modes and Universal and CAN BUS. It be connected to the infotainment CAN BUS car radio getting all the signals for operation as speed, accessories or reverse. Digi4Park ® is activated and deactivated automatically if you wish, when you are below or exceeding the speed of maneuver and also will make available pulse signals for other functions or devices that might need. In Universal Mode, installed in vehicles without CAN BUS signals, the interface box can read pulse, reverse or towbar mounting to operate. Even in CAN mode can simultaneously read at the same time analog signals. If the vehicle does not have integrated information on the original screens of radio or navigation system of the parking system, you can add optionally Displays (front and / or rear). Additionally, in CANBUS mode, if the vehicle BUS accepts information on screens like pictograms, Digi4Park ® can emulate this feature (see compatibility list to see the models that already support this function)

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Intelligent Operation


Digi4Park ® system incorporates the most advanced logic of market functioning. It is even able to auto activate if it detects an obstacle closer than 1meter in the front area of the vehicle. Of course we use Diaphragm Speakers and NOT piezo- electric, offering a clear and distinct sound for each side of the vehicle. If you can see a video demo of the FRONT SYSTEM working, please access to this link

When we decided to develop Digi4Park ® we started from cero. The beginning of work was analyzing how parking systems worked incorporated in vehicles by factory and how we could improve them. That spirit of improvement has allowed us to develop a logic operation that is not only above any aftermarket kit, but even above the Factory parking systems and advanced sensors market. So Digi4Park ® is the only system that incorporates aftermarket auto automatic activation when the vehicle below 10 Km/h detects the nearest obstacle at 1 meter. Furthermore our detection range varies depending on the make of vehicle from 2 meters to 5 centimeters, which can only be achieved using digital sensors.

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Everything Automatic


Thanks to the operating logic and level of integration that the driver does not have both hands on the steering wheel to activate or deactivate the system Parking.

Systems driving assistance are just for that, to assist us. In Digi4Park® is an idea that we have very clear. For this reason we think that when you are making a maneuver that requires more attention, such as parking, you have to have the best support system for the driver only has to worry about driving the wheel and speeds, nothing more. So Digi4Park® only is activated when is necessary, automatically turns off and also in situations where time can become annoying (as in a crosswalk) will stop but not report when the vehicle stops

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The sensor can be mounted on 14mm holes from the inside or from the outside 18 with a finish like the original, admitting painted.

Technology used in the design and manufacture of sensor enabled us to reach a size of 12 mm in diameter on the sensor. Once the rubber sealing perimeter is installed, the sensor can be mount in 14 mm holes from inside the bumper installations and 18 mm from the outside, something unthinkable using analog sensors. The sensor incorporates a small hose to be connected to a IP64 connector into the middle wire, thus saving any obstacle that makes problems for the connection inside.

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Each sensor is supplied with 2 brackets to mount the sensor either from inside or outside of the bumper. Both systems with Align System

Each Digi4Park® sensor incorporates two possible brackets so that the installer can install from the inside of the bumper or externally threaded with a sensor system that adjusts to support sensor alignment to bumper in microns leaving a perfect finish. In both cases the sensor and the bracket are sealed by a rubber seal perimeter of 1 mm prevents the entry of dirt. The outer support and sensor body are paintable to a higher level of integration.

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Digi4Park® is supplied from factory with a manual activation button, that leave to the driver to activate or deactivate the PDC and also configure options like tow or trailer.

The manual activation button can be fitted in the vehicle’s dashboard. Its black finish and professional design will allow to pass unnoticed. This button is intended to manually activate and deactivate the sensor system, for example in the case of a frontal rapprochement maneuver an obstacle.

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Speaker Sound


In Digi4Park ® we have used Diaphragm speakers 8 Oh and 0.5 W for acoustically inform the distance to obstacles.

In Digi4Park ® we have used Diaphragm speakers 8 Oh and 0.5 W for acoustically inform the distance to obstacles. This might initially seem something without any importance, but it is not true. The original systems use the same speaker technology than us, because this type of speaker is capable of generating infinite frequency sound (especially low), different volume, etc.. That’s why the sound of our ads is clean and clear with INDEPENDENT FREQUENCY for the back and front areas. For using Diaphragm Speakers it is also necessary that the Electronic of the Unit Control will be designed for that purpose.

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The display is optionally available as an accessory for Digi4Park® and can be mounted on the dashboard in front of and behind the roof

We have designed a high performance display with a professional finish in polished sheen that can be installed in all vehicles without changing the look and feel of the car. The display is optionally available as an accessory for Digi4Park® and can be mounted on the dashboard in front of and behind the roof, admitting and inverted mirror function or natural. Incorporates a 5 m cable. and has a size of 12 cm. Remember that each Digi4Park Unit Control supports up to 2 DISPLAY LED at same time

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The interface box can be used to control rear+front or only rear sensors. In order to do that we offer different wires similar to originals ones for each area of the vehicle

When we started Digi4Park® designing, we take as reference the original parking systems were mounted on premium vehicles. These systems incorporate middle wires for different parts of the vehicle so that in case of crash can change the respective middle wires without having to change the whole wiring hardness. Digi4Park ® use independent wires for the bumpers to interconnect the sensors and for arriving from the ECU to the bumper for each side of the car. Working with a digital bus wiring only requires six main signals for each area of the vehicle, thus facilitating the thickness of single cable to be passed from the outside to the inside of the vehicle to connect to the exchange Digi4Park ®. The other possible accessory components each incorporating its own wiring, and can be added at any time. Moreover, all the external connections are made through connectors IP64 water resistance.

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From factory, Digi4Park® includes 4 sensors but the unit supports a second zone to mount 4 additional sensors and front display. For that we have an low cost EXTENDED KIT.

The universal unit Digi4Park ® is already prepared for mounting of all options, including installations of front + rear sensors, because it has 8 channels with two separate connectors (front and rear). It also supports an optional professional display for the front and one for the rear (the rear one can be installed inverted for looking by the mirrow).

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