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/// Sensor and digital Tech.

Digital Sensors (The Digi4Park® Option)

Digital Sensors Digi4Park
Digi4Park® use a high sensitive ultrasonic eye connected directly inside of the sensor case to a little PCB board with an electronic MicroProcessor, that process and encrypt the information about the distance to the obstacle. The information read is always real without interferences.

Analog Sensor (The rest ones of the market)

Analog Sensors
One analog sensor in most of cases is shorter because it doesn’t need any microelectronic component inside. The information that the sensor eye receives is send to the Unit Control in analog way as a difference of potential between 0-100 V. The information could be affected by other components of the car.

Digi4Park® use ONLY DIGITAL SENSORS, with our own protocol that sends the information 100 times faster that any analog one. The Digital information goes by a internal Data BUS that leaves to us manage signals of 0,5 miliVoltiums. Thanks to that, Digi4Park® doesn’t generate interferences in any other electronic system of the car, and at the same time no any other system of the car makes interferences over it




  • The position of the sensor doesn’t matter. All sensors of Digi4Park® can be used in any position and area of the car.
    • Makes easy the Installation and the maintenance
  • The information is digitalized in the sensor and goes by one special bus to the Unit Control. The digital protocol makes that the information processed will be right, without any error.
  • The special digital bus that is used by Digi4Park® works with potentials of 0,5 milivoltiums, so the signal doesn’t generates interferences over other systems.
  • The information arrives to the Unit Control around 100 times faster like in an analog Sensor
  • There isn’t orientation (TOP or BOTTOM) of sensor
  • The distance between sensors doesn’t matter (Must be at minimum 20 cm, recommended 40cm)


  • Each sensor has ONE unique position in the car. So if there is any problem will be needed to use the same sensor (8 versions)
  • The information goes directly to the unit Unit Control using a difference of power between 0-100 V that can generates a lot of Electromagnetic fields (EMI) that makes interferences in other units and at the same time the sensor information could be disturb by other systems of the car
  • Each sensor need 2 wires directly to the Unit Control
  • The sensor is a passive element, need to be placed keeping rules (TOP, Button, ruled distance to other ones, etc.)

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