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Digi4Park® Diaphragm Speakers

In Digi4Park ® we have used Diaphragm speakers 8 Oh and 0.5 W for acoustically inform the distance to obstacles. This might initially seem something without any importance, but it is not true. The original systems use the same speaker technology than us, because this type of speaker is capable of generating infinite frequency sound (especially low), different volume, etc.. That’s why the sound of our ads is clean and clear with INDEPENDENT FREQUENCY for the back and front areas. For using Diaphragm Speakers it is also necessary that the Electronic of the Unit Control will be designed for that purpose.





On the control panel of Digi4Park ® there are two potentiometers which allow volume control of each of the two speakers, so you can adjust the sound to each vehicle type and installation.

Each of the two speakers can be connected to the wiring POWER / CAN. In the cable are marked FRONT / REAR Speaker positions.





We use two different frequencies, one for REAR SENSORS (more GRAVE) and one for the SENSORS FRONT (more ACUTE). So the driver can clearly differentiate where

What If the vehicle uses Original sound speakers like BMW Parking System?
Digi4Park ® also will use original speakers

The reference for D4P Speaker is: D4PSPKER

The piezoelectric speaker is a speaker type based on the properties of piezoelectric crystals (polyester or ceramic), when this is applied to a voltage deform Thanks to this property, it is possible creates sound if you put something able to channel and make small sound box.
These speakers are simple and cheap also consume very little. His big drawback is that they are unable to reproduce low frequencies, so if you find more bass and clear sound you need to use other type of speakers, like Digi4Park® ones based on Diaphragm Technology.

Please press to listen our FRONT SPEAKER Advise

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