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/// The parking button



Digi4Park® Switch Parking Button

Digi4Park® kits includes from factory in the box a universal and fashion PDC bottom in order to be installed in the dashboard of the car. This button has a lot of functions.


The Digi4Park® SWITCH BUTTON is used for manually activation and deactivation of the Parking function under 15 km/h. Also it has the important function to inform by the LED if the system is working or not. EVEN MORE it is also used in order to configure advance functions of Digi4Park® or inform about errors.
We thought that a button can be much more than a simple button



Manual Activation Function

The usual function of the PDC switch Button is the manual Activation or deactivation of the PDC function. So When the Parking system is working, the LED of the button is ON and it is possible to press it in order to switch OFF. The opposite is also possible under 15 km/h. The button is designed for 200.000 cycles using and can be installed by simple stecker.


Towbar or Trailer Position Function

By LONG PRESS of the PDC Button it is possible entry in the Engineering mode. In this mode you can inform to Digi4Park® that TOW is installed or not, in order to deactivate the central sensors, even more if a caravan or trailer is hooked, is also possible to deactivate completely the 4 REAR SENSORS. The LED of the Button will inform to you of this configuration.


System Status and Error Information

Button incorporates a LED to inform about the Status (ON/OFF) of the system and at the same time to advise of error in any component or the situation of TOWBAR function..

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