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/// The perfect fit

Inside and Outside Bracket

In Digi4Park® box are included from factory two different brackets in order to install the sensor from outside of the bumper or by inside.

2 Different Rubber Seals

We include in the box 2 Exterior Rubber Seals (Black ring and Transparent) in order to avoid that dirty comes into the approach system of the sensor. You can choose the best one or more appropriate to the car model.


Digi4Park® also is supplied with 2 different brackets in order to install outside of the bumpers or inside of them. In order to make easy the installation also we can supply to you 2 different Tools for drill the bumper and getting the best ends.
Check the ACCESORIES AND SPARE PARTS section to get informaton abou D4PTL14M


As well as you install the sensor using the Inside or Outside Bracket, we include in both halters our bold or SCREW SYSTEM OF APPROACH that will help to you the leave the sensor eye into the exactly distance of the bumper




Real pictures of Digi4Park® Kit installed.

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