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/// What is Digi4Park?

Digi4Park is a universal Parking Kit to retrofit cars and vehicles with ultrasonic sensors that include advanced functions and intelligent operation

Digi4Park® is the first aftermarket kit that use digital sensors connected by digital CAN BUS interface box. The kit designed and manufactured in Europe, can manage until 8 digital sensors operation by integrate way and draw the graphic parking information in the original color screens of the car (if it is possible) or even used with CAN BUS or ANALOG SIGNALS in universal way

  • Digital Sensor with digital communication protocol
  • 12 mm of Diameter for Sensor (14 mm installed)
  • CAN BUS compatible for (Speed, Rear Gear and Ignition)*
  • Support Rear, Rear+Front and Extended Front
  • Inside / Outside Installation
  • Intelligent Operation: Autoscan, Auto activation, etc.
  • Optional professional LED displays (Rear & Front)
  • Compatible with Graphics in the original screens*
  • 1 Wire for all sensors in the Bumper and 1 wire to interior
  • Universal Parking High Quality button Included
  • Customizable solution (with out without LED display, etc.).
  • Automatic activation and deactivation with obstacles and speed

Digi4Park can be installed in all cars of the market, old with analogic signals or modern ones with CAN BUS

Digi4Park® can be installed in UNIVERSAL mode in all the cars, or even using the CAN Bus port of the car making compatible with most of manufacturers that use that comunication protocol. Please check your compatibility in the CAR COMPATIBILITY FINDER

The interface can read also analog signals of the car like pulse (Speed), ignition, rear gear, and manage the Parking kit taking in mind that information in intelligent way.
The interface only needs CAN BUS and POWER and it can be able to read by the bus all necessary information in order to operate with the car. In this way there 2 possibilities to operate:

  • CAN BUS NORMAL: Digi4Park® only reads digital information of CAN BUS in order to operate.
  • CAN BUS VISUAL: Digi4Park® reads and writes digital information in the CAN BUS in order to operate and show the graphic information on the original screen of the car
Digi4park Parking
Digi4Park Parking
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